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Better Business Your goal and ours

Dynamic middle-market companies, private equity and venture capital firms and financial institutions have one thing in common: they are resourceful in all they do and always look for better, more efficient and lasting ways to create and sustain momentum in their businesses. In HMB, you’ll find a partner who thinks like you, understands the drive to be better and knows what it takes to deliver.

Trusted in the Middle-Market

HMB has a strong reputation with middle-market, private companies spanning numerous industries. We’ve been involved in countless transactions, yet our connections with clients are anything but transactional. Ours is a track record of lasting, stewardship relationships throughout a client’s business and personal life cycle. We often serve as outside general counsel and a first-call advisor.

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Fluent in Your Business

Beyond knowing the ins and outs of privately-held, mid-market companies, we invest the time to get to know your company, management team, legal and operational structure, communication style, priorities and goals. We do this to adapt to your working style and become an extension of your team. This is the key to delivering practical, targeted, trusted advice.

Impactful Talent

We are a partnership of high performing lawyers who clients rely on to get important things done efficiently, wisely and well. To help you achieve winning outcomes, we focus on what we do best: quickly understanding the problem or opportunity, cutting to what matters most and figuring out what’s best for your business. Tell us what a win looks like or let us help you define success. Together, we’ll make it happen.

Seamless, Collaborative Approach

Whether we take the lead or play a support role, we’re connected to and work seamlessly with the accountants, bankers and other advisors key to making your company run better. If you need introductions, we’re happy to make them. Let us put together the team you need, with the experience you need, when you need it.

Efficient Where it Matters Most

Real efficiencies come with seasoned advisors who use their understanding of your business, your context and the law to achieve the right result. Our attorneys are driven to deliver a better experience with the acumen of your business, goals and industry. What’s better than that?


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