HMB Congratulates AM Money on Recent Financing Round

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HMB congratulates AM Money, also known as Chicago Student Loans, and CEO & Founder Daniel Rogers, on closing a financing round. AM Money fights to give low-income students across the city, state and country every opportunity to graduate from college, find quality employment and build wealth. Google for Startups is one of AM Money's many supporters and has provided additional funding through their new Black Founders Fund alongside investments from existing investors.  HMB represented AM Money in their financing round.

Daniel Rogers, Founder & CEO, said, "We started A.M. Money four years ago because of the challenges I had paying for college after leaving the military. As the story goes I had to beg my grandmother to co-sign on a high-interest rate student loan so I could make it through...The organization is dedicated to ensuring that financing is not the same constraint as it was for me, and to make that pathway just a little bit easier for the people walking a comparable road to me."

The HMB partners working with Daniel and his team on this financing included Brian Axelrad and Renee Rossi. 

You can read the full press release here.

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