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Client Success: Chowly Announces Acquisition of Digital Ordering Company Koala


HMB would like to congratulate Chowly, a Chicago-based restaurant technology company, on its acquisition of Koala, a guest experience platform that empowers restaurant brands to elevate their digital ordering experience across web, app and kiosk.

Founded in 2015, Chowly is a leading point-of-sale (POS) integration company that enables restaurants to expand and maintain their off-premise capabilities. The company integrates orders from the industry’s largest platforms such as Grubhub, Uber Eats, Doordash and Google and works with over 12,000 restaurant partners and 3,000 brands.

Koala’s SaaS technology enables both established and emerging brands to quickly launch, manage and optimize commerce and guest engagement across web, app and kiosks, all in one place. The Brooklyn-based company provides its guest experience platform to over 4,000 brands across more than 4,000 locations.

The combined business will represent over 16,000 restaurant locations on the platform, integrating over 350,000 orders per day across the US.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Koala to the Chowly team,” said Sterling Douglass, co-founder and CEO, Chowly. “Merging these two businesses together represents a major leap forward in the mission of both organizations as we help restaurants navigate today’s complicated digital world. Koala’s open platform meshes perfectly with Chowly’s, while also giving restaurants a simpler experience for their off-premise strategies. We plan on bringing Koala’s best-in-class enterprise-grade ordering to the SMB restaurant space and blend our partnership ecosystems while continuing to support their success in the enterprise restaurant space.”

Chowly was represented by James L. Jerue, Renee A. Rossi, Casey E. Rivard, and Payal J. Patel.

Read the press release by Business Wire or Restaurant Business Magazine.

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