David S. Ruskin Provides Overview of Illinois Cannabis Regulation for Practical Law

A cannabis leaf on a white background.

In less than a decade, Illinois went from treating cannabis as a criminal issue to developing a heavily-regulated legal medical and adult use cannabis industry.

Illinois law uses cannabis as a blanket term covering regulated products, including cannabis-infused products, such as edibles. Medical cannabis is a term that covers the same types of product as cannabis, but refers to products exclusively in the supply chain of medical cannabis licensees. Statutes define cannabis as inclusive of seeds, growing plants, and products made from all parts of any plant of the genus cannabis sativa and derivatives or subspecies, excluding.

This article by David S. Ruskin for Practical Law provides an overview of Illinois’ cannabis laws and regulations, including:
• The development of Illinois cannabis law.
• Tensions between state and federal law.
• Licensing and registration for businesses involved in the medical and adult use cannabis supply chain.
• Regulation of cannabis products.
• Packaging and labeling.
• Penalties and enforcement.

Read the full article published by Practical Law here.

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