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Better Growth Happens when opportunity meets compliance

The cannabis industry is quickly emerging as a major economic engine. However, the regulatory framework governing the industry is wildly inconsistent with each state that has legalized cannabis having its own complicated licensing and oversight systems. We understand how to guide you through the ongoing challenges and deliver the legal guidance to keep you ahead of new rules and regulations.

We are among a small group of pioneering firms that have created a business advisory group specifically targeted to the cannabis industry.

We counsel on:

  • Cannabis business formation
  • Licensing
  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • Corporate structuring
  • Joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions
  • Fund formation
  • Debt and equity financing
  • Real estate acquisitions and leasing
  • Labor and employment issues
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Federal (280E) and state taxation issues
  • Litigation and dispute resolution

Access to capital and new markets are important to a budding cannabis industry. We cultivate relationships with an extensive network of venture capitalists, private equity investors, investment bankers and entrepreneurs that can help grow your cannabis business.

When disputes arise with third parties or close relationships, we have the experience to provide sophisticated litigation services in any jurisdiction across the country.

David Ruskin’s “Counseling a Cannabis-Related Business” Published in Practical Law JournalJuly 27, 2023

David Ruskin’s article “Counseling a Cannabis-Related Business” was featured as the cover story in Practical Law The Journal. This recently updated article is a must-read for anyone from entrepreneurs to veterans in the cannabis industry.

David S. Ruskin Elected to INCBA Board of DirectorsJuly 10, 2023

HMB is excited to announce the appointment of David S. Ruskin to the International Cannabis Bar Association (INCBA) Board of Directors. David was elected for his wealth of experience and exceptional accomplishments in cannabis law.

David S. Ruskin Joins Panel of Industry Leaders at INCBA's Annual Cannabis Law Institute – 6/9/22 – 6/11/22June 9, 2022

Join David S. Ruskin and a panel of industry leaders at the International Cannabis Bar Association’s Annual Cannabis Law Institute! The conference takes place at George Washington University Law School on June 9-11.

David S. Ruskin Published in Practical Law - “Counseling a Cannabis-Related Business: Overview”June 8, 2022

With more states and countries legalizing cannabis in varying forms, the industry is likely to continue to expand. However, cannabis remains an illegal drug at the federal level, presenting numerous challenges for cannabis-related companies and their counsel. In his article for Practical Law, David S. Ruskin examines the top legal issues that practitioners must consider when counseling either a plant-touching cannabis company or a more indirect cannabis-related business.

David S. Ruskin Presents a Webinar, "Banking in the Marijuana Industry" for the Seminar Group - 3/4/21March 3, 2021

3/4/21 1:30PM ET Join David S. Ruskin as he presents a webinar with Christopher Pippett of Fox Rothschild LLP for the Seminar Group. This presentation will cover the challenges of banking in the cannabis industry, as part of a bigger seminar on Illinois and Michigan. This seminar will cover topics directly related to medical and adult use cannabis laws and regulations under…

David S. Ruskin Provides Overview of Illinois Cannabis Regulation for Practical LawNovember 9, 2020

In less than a decade, Illinois went from treating cannabis as a criminal issue to developing a heavily-regulated legal medical and adult use cannabis industry. Illinois law uses cannabis as a blanket term covering regulated products, including cannabis-infused products, such as edibles. Medical cannabis is a term that covers the same types of product as cannabis, but refers to products…

David Ruskin presents "The Business of Marijuana in Illinois" at The Seminar Group - 4/16/20-4/17/20March 19, 2020

****Due to the COVID-19 virus, this event has been cancelled. HMB will update this page once a new date, location, or other important piece of information has been shared by the event organizers.**** 4/16/20-4/17/20 Chicago, IL David Ruskin, with other practitioners and policymakers, will discuss topics directly related to Illinois' Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act. The seminar will cover: A…

David Ruskin presents "Alternative Dispute Resolution" at the Cannabis Law Institute - 10/03/19August 28, 2019

10/03/19 New York City, New York David Ruskin presents "Alternative Dispute Resolution" at the Cannabis Law Institute. The key curriculum of the third annual institute is "All Things CannaBusiness" and seeks to focus on learning every aspect of cannabis legal representation. David will discuss how one of the most important instruments in the attorney's doctrinal toolbox is Alternative Dispute Resolution…

David Ruskin Joins Legal Face-Off on WGN Radio to Discuss Illinois' New Cannabis LawAugust 2, 2019

Cannabis business attorney David Ruskin was interviewed by Chicago's top legal radio show, Legal Face-Off on WGN Radio. David discussed Illinois' new recreational marijuana law and what it means for individuals and businesses. Listen to the recording on WGN Radio.…

Counseling a Cannabis-Related Business OverviewApril 24, 2019

David provides an overview of the regulation of cannabis and considers the top legal issues faced by a cannabis-related business, focusing on the conflict between federal law and state laws where medical or adult use recreational marijuana is legal.

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