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Client Success: CodaPet Expands into Kansas City as Part of Broader National Expansion


HMB would like to congratulate CodaPet on its expansion into Kansas City, MO, and its surrounding cities. The startup empowers a network of veterinarians who offer families the opportunity to say goodbye to their pets in the comfort of their own homes. Initially launching its service connecting pet owners with veterinarians in California, expansion of its network into Kansas City and elsewhere in the Midwest region is part of a broader goal for national expansion into dozens of cities throughout 2023.

Founded in 2022, CodaPet is dedicated to honoring the bond owners have with their pets. CodaPet connects pet owners with veterinarians who can provide end-of-life care and in-home euthanasia services as an alternative to traditional in-office/out-of-home veterinary services, which allows pets to pass away peacefully, surrounded by family and the comforts of home.

“Giving your beloved dog or cat a peaceful and pain-free transition in the familiarity of your home surrounded by your loved ones is indeed a final gift of love,” says Dr. Bethany Hsia, co-founder.

CodaPet is represented by Brian H. Axelrad, Partner in HMB’s Venture Capital and Social Impact practices.  As a pet owner who knows what it's like to lose a cherished companion, Brian jumped at the chance to work with CodaPet and its founding team. “It is an obvious and immediate need, one that many people – myself included – would never have thought to look for,” says Brian. “CodaPet has an incredible opportunity, not just to be a successful business venture, but also to positively impact the lives of countless families around the country at a time when they really need it.” HMB is proud to have been a part of CodaPet’s journey so far and looks forward to continuing to support it in the opportunities ahead.

CodaPet is growing its network that serves Frenso, CA, Oklahoma City, OK, Nashville, TN, Seattle, WA, Ocala, FL, and Kansas City, MO. For more information, visit

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