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HMB Congratulates FingerprintJS on Closing Funding Round

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HMB congratulates FingerprintJS and its founders, Dan Pinto and Valentin Vasilyev, on closing a $4M financing round. The company, a new kind of toolkit offering a browser fingerprinting service, is based on an open-source project that already has 5 million downloads and 8,000 websites using the service.

“We have a unique opportunity to disrupt the fraud technology market by enabling our customers to build fraud prevention in their applications rather than it being an afterthought, just as Stripe has done with payment processing,” Pinto said. “Think of online fraud as a shell game where malicious users are constantly trying to hide themselves in order to commit fraud. Existing solutions try to generate a fraud score for each visitor without trying to understand who they are. We focus on uniquely identifying malicious users which directly solves the underlying fraud problem.”

HMB represented FingerprintJS and the team involved in the financing included Brian H. Axelrad and Alicia A. Handy.  Vasilyev and Pinto also worked together at their prior startup, Machinio, which was sold back in 2018.  HMB also represented Machinio in its Series A financing round and through to its sale to a strategic buyer.

You can read the full press release from Tech Crunch here.

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