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We understand the dynamic and interdisciplinary nature of the Logistics industry. Our logistics team combines its knowledge of transportation, logistics and information technology with its experience in finance, ownership structures, tax, real estate, transactions, asset protection and compliance to service our firm's long-standing relationships with Logistics clients. HMB brings a practical, market-based approach to transactions and general counseling with efficient, results-oriented legal advice.  HMB's Logistics attorneys serve our clients in the following areas:

General Counsel, Transactions & Strategic Advice

In addition to managing day-to-day corporate governance issues, we respond quickly and decisively to growth opportunities as well as challenges, including:

  • Logistics agreements, transportation contracts, equipment leasing and financing, independent contractor agreements, shipping documents, rate tariffs and carrier interchange agreements
  • Corporate organization, structures and governance
  • Strategic alliances, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions
  • Asset and real estate purchases
  • Customer, vendor and distribution agreements, regulatory compliance and relationship management
  • Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), including data center operations, distribution and technology operations, supply chain and procurement and warehousing operations
  • Licensing and agreements for cloud computing, software-as-a-service (SAAS), online data services and analytics service providers
  • Business structuring, management and expense sharing agreements and ownership and management succession planning
  • Shareholder and operating agreements
  • Financing, including fleet financing, leasing and purchasing
  • Safety and other regulatory compliance and responses
  • Brokerage and return hauling

Asset Protection & Ownership Structure

HMB is one of Chicago's leading wealth transfer and wealth protection firms.  We customize services within the unique structural and operational framework of the Logistics industry, in the following areas:

  • Asset protection strategies and risk management
  • Family business planning, generational transitions and succession planning
  • Segregation of assets for personal and business protection
  • Structuring of business operations for best risk management results
  • Full integration with estate and tax planning
  • Captive insurance counseling
  • Planning in multiple jurisdictions to achieve the best practical tax mitigation and creditor protection

Tax Compliance

HMB advises Logistics clients on state and local tax compliance matters and has represented clients in state tax controversies, including:

  • State income and franchise tax nexus and sourcing issues
  • The rolling stock exemption for sales tax
  • Independent contractor vs. employee determinations
  • Proposed legislation and regulations
  • Litigation regarding a company's qualification as a "transportation company" for state income tax purposes
  • International Fuel Tax Agreements (IFTA) and Motor Carrier Road Tax matters

Facilities & Real Estate

Our attorneys are knowledgeable in Logistics facility management and operations, including warehousing, storage centers, technology/data center operations, and automated distribution centers.  We are experienced in the following areas:

  • Property acquisition and development
  • Leases, including property and equipment
  • Zoning and improvements
  • Financing
  • Tax planning, including identifying advantageous jurisdictions for tax and business purposes

Dispute Resolution

HMB handles complex cases and matters, while striving to find practical, cost-effective solutions with favorable outcomes that make business sense for the client. When litigation becomes necessary, our attorneys will work closely with you to determine and achieve your long-term business goals.  Contact us to learn about our experience with:

  • Breach of contract and commercial disputes
  • Restrictive covenants (non-competition and non-solicitation violations)
  • Arbitration and mediation
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes


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KEITH BERK is managing partner of the firm and brings over 20 years of legal and business experience to the table. Keith serves as an ongoing resource to his clients, assisting them in making legal decisions that promote long-term success. Keith has significant experience in the logistics industry and has helped clients solve their complex legal issues and design flexible organizational structures that minimize risk while allowing for maximum growth.


Hechtman JEFF HECHTMAN is a member of the firm's Executive Committee and has been helping clients in the logistics industry prosper by providing the business and legal counsel needed to effectively meet their challenges and seize appropriate opportunities. With over twenty years of experience, Jeff offers sophisticated, big picture advice and solutions to logistics clients on corporate organization and governance issues concerning properly structuring businesses, mergers and acquisitions, logistics-related technology, risk management, taxes and joint venures.



SEAN AUTON chairs the firm's Business and Finance Practice. Sean serves his clients by moving beyond just meeting their transactional needs and by helping them build their businesses. He has a genuine commitment to being a counselor-style lawyer who can provide exceptional legal expertise while assisting business leaders in reaching their visions.



JEFF ZALUDA chairs the firm's Trusts & Estates Practice.  His clients consist largely of business owners and their businesses, including numerous clients in different aspects of the logistics industry.  Jeff assists clients with their estate and tax planning, business and succession planning, and creditor protection.  Jeff believes that it is impossible to properly represent a client and achieve the client's goals without fully integrating the business structures, estate planning and ownership vehicles, and family dynamics.  Jeff enjoys working closely with the client, the client's other advisors, and other members of the HMB team to accomplish that integration.



JORDAN GOODMAN co-chairs the firm's State and Local Tax Practice and is involved in all aspects of state taxation.  Jordan has worked with a number of transportation and logistics companies and has addressed issues concerning nexus, apportionment, taxability of services and other transportation related issues. Jordan plans for and resolves state and local tax controversies for multistate and multinational corporations and has also successfully resolved state tax controversies in virtually every state.



KATE KANABAY has been involved in the heavy truck and RV industry for over ten years.  She has assisted clients in manufacturing, quality, compliance, safety and commercial aspects of trucking.  Clients and attorneys rely on Kate to advise them on distribution and franchise relationships, strategic acquisitions, business structure and best practices.  Kate is active in the National Waste & Recycling Association and its Women's Council.



STAVROS GIANNOULIAS is experienced in handling complex, large and more common business- and logistics-related litigation cases, including enforcement and defense of restrictive covenant disputes such as non-compete and non-solicitation claims. Logistics businesses know litigation is an ever-present threat. Stavros's experience allows him to provide clients preventative and strategic counseling as an outside general counsel and business advisor to address such threats and the challenges his clients face running their businesses. 



BRIAN AXELRAD is a member of the firm's Business & Finance Practice and represents individuals, businesses and investors in the logistics sector with respect to their corporate and transactional needs, along with day-to-day operational matters.  Brian frequently works with clients in the logistics industry by advising and counseling them on the impact and consequences of technology development, implementation and infrastructure.  In addition, he works closely with members of the firm's Trusts & Estates Group to facilitate risk management and asset protection strategies for business owners and their businesses.







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