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BETTER STRUCTURE Supported by Detail and Attention

Crafting deals and handing restructurings require a keen understanding of the numerous tax implications that come into play. Our tax attorneys take the time to understand the nuances of your objectives and structures before identifying potential tax strategies. By collaborating with HMB’s Business and Finance team as needed, our thorough analysis investigates your potential exposures to income, sales and use, gross receipts, franchise, payroll and other taxes.

We begin working on a transaction closing strategy right from the start of deal planning. This involves identifying favorable jurisdictions and deal structures while also minimizing tax inefficiencies. We help you reduce risk by uncovering lesser-known reporting responsibilities like bulk sale notifications. Post-closing, we ensure compliance in new and existing jurisdictions, identify new planning opportunities and create audit positions with appropriate reserve recommendations based on national state and local tax trends.

Effectively and efficiently structuring and closing deals requires working with all of your professional advisors involved in the process and staying focused on your business objectives. We collaborate with your accountants, investment bankers, venture capitalists, in-house counsel and asset managers to create solutions that respond to opportunities.


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