Tax Risk Management

BETTER CONFIDENCE Realized with Custom Advice and Persistence

Without diligence and foresight, taxes can pose significant—and unanticipated—risks for businesses and individuals. It is crucial to assess and address tax risks early to avoid costly disruptions. As you approach a new or troubling endeavor, tell us what a win looks like or let us help you define success. Together, we’ll make it happen.

Tailored Guidance

Count on us to develop business plans that align with your risk threshold by understanding your business goals, structuring appropriate tax positions and designing potential audit and litigation strategies. We work quickly and efficiently to settle matters when and before they become a problem.

First-hand Experience

Our perspective and approach to tax risk was honed through the experience we have embedded in our team. We intimately understand the considerations and implications you weigh when running your business and planning for the future.

Jordan M. Goodman - a man in a suit, smiling at the camera
Jordan M. GoodmanPartner | Board of Directors
David A. Hughes - a man in a business suit, smiling at the camera
David A. HughesChair | State and Local Tax Group
Fred O. Marcus - a man in a business suit, smiling at the camera
Fred O. MarcusOf Counsel
Fred Marcus Discusses Indirect Taxes and Tax Risk Management at the California Tax Policy Conference - 11/8/19September 8, 2019

11/8/19 California Tax Policy Conference Hyatt Regency Mission Bay San Diego, California Fred Marcus presents "That's Just Sales and Use Tax Creeping Up On You: When Unexpected Tax Arises for Responsible Persons and Successes" at the annual California Tax Policy Conference in November. The presentation will seek to assist uncertain business owners and officers who are concerned about sales and…

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