Multi-State Tax Planning and Assessment

BETTER PLANNING Aided by Foresight and Understanding

Proactive tax planning is important in every situation, whether it is a business considering a sizable transaction or entering a new market or an individual or family planning for their legacy. We’re with you throughout the lifecycle of any tax matter, from planning and structuring to arguing in front of the U.S. Supreme Court if needed. Our counsel is founded on a holistic understanding of all of your finances, addressing your corporate income, personal income, franchise, excise, property and sales and use taxes matters.

Planning Effectively by Looking Ahead

We work closely with you to plan and develop strategies that maximize the benefits of tax laws and avoid the traps that can create trouble. For example, when we conduct nexus studies to evaluate your 50-state tax exposures, you’re prepared to address questions when states come to you with claims.

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Our years of experience working with state Departments of Revenue have fostered numerous trusted relationships, leading to a better understanding of what is important to various taxing authorities. This allows us to generate tax planning ideas customized to you that can have an immediate benefit to your day-to-day operations and long-term growth.

Facilitating the Daunting Audit Process

Our long-running relationships with state tax departments and administrators means we can identify potential issues before they are raised and know who to call to discuss resolutions in a timely fashion. When auditors come calling, we develop efficient responses to information requests and have a long track record of successfully negotiating with state and local revenue authorities on your behalf.

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