Bankruptcy Committees

Better Recoveries Stem from experience and resolve

Success in complex bankruptcy proceedings requires a comprehensive understanding of the bankruptcy process. Our industry-leading experience as counsel to bankruptcy committees in major chapter 11 cases across the country demonstrates HMB’s knowledge and ability. Our practical, business-oriented, relationship-based approach in guiding official and unofficial (ad hoc) committees of unsecured creditors and equity security holders put us in a strong position to steer a plan and process to significant cash recoveries – whether it be out-of-court restructurings, workouts or assignments for the benefit of creditors.

Our industry experience involves key sectors that have experienced volatility in recent years, including airlines, telecommunications, energy, transportation, commercial leasing, broadcasting and financial institutions. Our attorneys have been involved in virtually every major chapter 11 case filed nationally in the last 20 years. We have also represented major financial organizations and institutional creditors, in the U.S. and internationally, in major debt restructuring negotiations and bankruptcy cases. Our diverse and extensive experience enables us to game plan and provide the best strategies to maximize your recovery.

Bridging the Gap for a Successful Workout

Often, interests aren’t aligned. We harmonize the various committee members’ interests – and the interests of trade associations, unions, trustees and pension funds – to facilitate solutions to seemingly unresolvable conflicts.  In this process, we utilze our extensive network of industry relationships to back-channel multiparty settlements in the most efficient manner possible. And if those communications break down, we are prepared to take your case to trial and handle complex appeals.

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