Indirect Taxes

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Understanding when and how to collect a tax, and the processes for remitting them back to a governmental entity, are not always straightforward. And laws frequently change, particularly at the state and local levels. Our seasoned tax attorneys help you understand and manage your indirect tax exposures, as well as proactively assess changes based on new legislation.

When necessary, we will represent you in court and before state and local taxing authorities during tax audits, protests, appeals and litigation.

Our SALT team regularly addresses every area of indirect taxes on a nationwide basis.

Areas of Focus:

Sales and Use Tax


  • Economic and marketplace facilitator nexus post Wayfair decision
  • Taxation of cloud computing by both state and local jurisdictions
  • Compliance requirements for information reporting statutes
  • Voluntary Disclosure filings and agreements

Tax Base

  • Situs of services and the taxability of the services
  • Lease transactions including location of the taxable event
  • Local tax sourcing
  • Exemptions including resale, manufacturing, processing; medical devices; pharmaceuticals and government agencies
  • Bundled Transactions
  • Bad debt deductions
  • Software issues including defining canned v. custom and license issues

Local Taxes

  • Personal Property Lease Transaction Tax
  • Non-Titled Use Tax
  • Hotel Occupation Tax
  • Amusement Tax
  • Motor Fuel Taxes
  • Parking Tax
  • Restaurant Tax
  • Gambling Machine Tax
  • Alcohol Taxes
  • Tobacco Products Tax

Specialty Taxes

  • Motor Fuel tax
  • Hotel Occupancy Taxes
  • Telecommunication Excise Taxes

Procedural Matters

  • Officer Liability
  • Qui Tam and False Claims Act matters

Gross Receipts Taxes


  • Address various nexus issues encountered with the Washington Business & Occupation tax and the Ohio Commercial Activity Tax
  • Nevada commercial activity tax

Tax Base

  • Sourcing Services and intangible property
  • Digital services or digital products
  • Financial services
  • Apportionment of gross receipts


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Jordan M. GoodmanPartner | Board of Directors
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David A. HughesChair | State and Local Tax Group
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Fred O. MarcusOf Counsel
Upcoming Seminar: Tips on Managing Indirect Tax with Automation – 11/2/23October 6, 2023

Does your business need help navigating the ever-changing indirect tax requirements? Join HMB Legal Counsel, Alvara and KPMG for an in-person seminar on November 2nd focused on tips for managing indirect tax with automation. HMB’s David Hughes will provide an update on the City of Chicago’s indirect tax.

Fred Marcus Discusses Indirect Taxes and Tax Risk Management at the California Tax Policy Conference - 11/8/19September 8, 2019

11/8/19 California Tax Policy Conference Hyatt Regency Mission Bay San Diego, California Fred Marcus presents "That's Just Sales and Use Tax Creeping Up On You: When Unexpected Tax Arises for Responsible Persons and Successes" at the annual California Tax Policy Conference in November. The presentation will seek to assist uncertain business owners and officers who are concerned about sales and…

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