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Cannabis related litigation is on the rise, following closely behind the significant increase in cannabis related businesses. As the cannabis industry develops, the regulatory framework governing companies in different jurisdictions will continue to be markedly inconsistent. States with legalized cannabis, whether medical only or including adult-use consumption as well, will continue to have differing laws regulating cultivation, production, sales and possession, to name just a handful of areas of focus. And in addition to contrasting with other states, there will be the inconsistency with federal law for at least the near future.

Our cannabis litigators excel in navigating the differing and not yet fully implemented statutes and regulations that come with emerging industries. The cannabis industry will continue to generate interesting legal issues and disputes.

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Areas of Focus:

  • Cannabis business formation
  • Licensing
  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • Corporate structuring
  • Joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions
  • Fund formation
  • Debt and equity financing
  • Real estate acquisitions and leasing
  • Labor and employment issues
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Federal (280E) and state taxation issues
  • Litigation and dispute resolution
Employers Beware: The Cannabis Laws, They Are A-Changin'February 26, 2019

Of course, laws are changing all the time. But with medical marijuana laws being enacted in states around the country at a quick pace, the list of shifting rights and obligations related to the workplace is growing like a weed. Two recent cases highlight wins for Employees and Employers.

David Ruskin presents "The Business of Marijuana in Illinois" at The Seminar Group - 4/16/20-4/17/20April 7, 2020

4/16/20-4/17/20 Chicago, IL David Ruskin, with other practitioners and policymakers, will discuss topics directly related to Illinois' Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act. The seminar will cover: A brief history of Illinois legalization The status of the Federal and state law conflict Income taxation and marijuana income under IRC 280E Real estate and land use Intellectual property protection Banking Cannabis-related litigation…

Aaron L. Hammer, David S. Ruskin and Nathan E. Delman Discuss the Hurdles and Risks Facing Cannabis Businesses with the Cannabis Industry JournalFebruary 18, 2020

Two thirds of all states and the District of Columbia have, to varying degrees, legalized cannabis. With the recent addition of Illinois, eleven states now allow adult recreational use. But cannabis entrepreneurs’ rush of excitement and dreams of cashing in is met with fierce competition and economic risks that makes the dreams, which look so dank at first, end up…

David Ruskin presents "Litigation - Emerging Trends" at the Cannabis and Hemp Law and Practice in Illinois: The Nuts and Bolts Seminar - 2/21/20February 10, 2020

2/21/2020 Chicago, IL David will give a practical overview of the cannabis and hemp market, litigation and regulatory issues, the application process, banking and finance challenges, implications for employers and more. Other topics covered at the seminar include: Steams of Commerce Federal Law, Enforcement and Implications Hemp and CBD Illinois: Medical to Adult Use and Hemp Challenges - Banking, Insurance,…

David S. Ruskin presents "Cannabis 101 for Older Adults" at Deerfield Public Library - 2/6/20January 29, 2020

2/6/2020 Deerfield Public Library Deerfield, IL David Ruskin, with a panel of experts, will discuss what you need to know about legalized cannabis in Illinois. The panel will address topics such as purchasing and using cannabis lawfully, the types of products available, safe use, potential therapeutic benefits and more. The program is geared toward older adults but is open to…

David Ruskin presents "Cannabis and Judaism: Implications in Halacha as well as the Law" at the Chicago Loop Synagogue - 1/16/20November 22, 2019

1/16/20 Chicago, IL David joins a panel of experts to discuss important issues related to Cannabis Law and how it impacts the Jewish Community at the Chicago Loop Synagogue. Attendees will learn more about: The impact of marijuana legalization How it will work within the context of the state What Rabbinic authorities have to say on the issue How it…

Counseling a Cannabis-Related Business OverviewApril 24, 2019

David provides an overview of the regulation of cannabis and considers the top legal issues faced by a cannabis-related business, focusing on the conflict between federal law and state laws where medical or adult use recreational marijuana is legal.

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