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Buying a commercial property can be a complicated process. Our attorneys help you through the process from start to finish by providing comprehensive commercial real estate legal services to buyers and sellers of virtually all types of real estate.

We represent a wide range of clients, from entrepreneurial owners/developers and investors to corporations purchasing property for their own use. We have significant experience in all types of properties, including multi-family (both apartments and condominiums), retail, industrial, office, shopping centers, brownfields and vacant land. We pride ourselves on being the driving force in a transaction and making sure that we are in tune with your goals and needs for a project.

Experienced on Both Sides of the Deal

As a buyer, you need sufficient time to conduct thorough due diligence on the property and want to structure the purchase with appropriate contingencies, representations and warranties from the seller. As a seller, you want to limit contingencies and representations and warranties and want to close as quickly as possible.

We often play a major role in helping you through the due diligence process. We are integral in structuring 1031 transactions (both forward and reverse transactions) and working hand-in-hand with our tax attorneys to make sure all tax consequences are taken into consideration when structuring a transaction. In addition to representing traditional buyers and sellers of real estate and notes, we also represent financial institutions in connection with the sale of REO property and deed-in-lieu transactions.

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