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When State and Local Tax (SALT) disputes become more complex, you want a partner who understands the intricacies of state laws on a national scale. Our attorneys work closely with you to resolve SALT controversies during audits, administrative appeals and litigation, reducing overall costs and minimizing the time you are diverted from your core business activities.

Whether you’re facing taxation disputes related to income, property, sales and use, transfer or franchise taxes, our extensive network of local counsel across the country is a significant asset we put to work for you. We routinely work with administrators from most states’ departments of revenue and hundreds of local assessing authorities.

Our SALT team can represent you in all levels of litigation proceedings—before administrative hearings, tax tribunals, circuit and appellate courts, state supreme courts and the U.S. Supreme Court. We handle complex discovery, motion practice, trials, expert testimony, appeals, oral arguments and settlement negotiations.

A successful defense comes in many forms, depending on your circumstances. Sometimes we work “behind the scenes” to advise you and your tax accountants on matters long before a controversy arises. Other times we take the lead in audit defense. Either way, if litigation cannot be avoided, our SALT team has a strong track record of achieving favorable results in court.

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Client Success: HMB Obtains Appellate Court Judgment, Sets Important Precedent for Chicago Lease Transaction TaxDecember 16, 2022

HMB’s litigation team, led by David S. Ruskin, and State and Local Tax attorney, David A. Hughes, began their representation of PACCAR in late 2019 when RN Acquisition, LLC filed a complaint alleging breach of contract and seeking a declaratory judgment arising from PACCAR’s alleged failure to pay the Chicago Lease Transaction Tax.

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