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Life is full of unforeseen circumstances. Our goal is to help you with the right asset protection strategies to minimize the damage and anguish these types of circumstances can have on your assets, property and personal life.

We go beyond a simple questionnaire. We get to know you on a personal level, from your communication preferences to your goals, and we create custom, proactive asset protection strategies to preserve your wealth and offer piece of mind. Whether impacted by lawsuits, creditors, taxes or other uncontrollable situations, we help ensure your assets aren’t dramatically affected by factors outside of your control. We conduct the proper planning to protect you from future judgments by organizing your assets and creating structures to keep them beyond the reach of potential creditors or adversarial parties.

Our attorneys are well versed in establishing trusts, determining insurance needs, creating estate plans and organizing investments and business entities so that you can enjoy the highest level of confidence knowing your assets are safe.

Areas of Focus:

  • Domestic and foreign structures
  • Pre-marital and pre-divorce planning
  • Business structuring
  • Special needs and disability planning
  • Insurance planning
  • Integration with income tax planning
  • Integration with estate plan
  • Coordination and team approach with other integral advisors
  • Offshore planning
  • Domestic asset protection trusts
  • Real estate titling
  • LLC’s and other limited liability entities
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Aaron L. HammerChair | Bankruptcy Group
John Wiktor Attorney
John R. WiktorChair | Private Client, Trusts and Estates Group
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Jeffrey A. ZaludaPartner | Board of Directors
The UCC's Proposed Article 12: Controllable Electronic RecordsOctober 11, 2022

Written by: Rick S. Rein with contributions made by Ben Dockery. “The 2022 Amendments to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) update and modernize the UCC to address emerging technologies. A new UCC Article 12 on Controllable Electronic Records governs transactions involving new types of digital assets (such as virtual currencies and nonfungible tokens), and corresponding changes to UCC Article 9…

Prejudgment Freezing Orders in the US To Combat Evasive Debtors in the Current Pandemic EnvironmentJanuary 14, 2021

The 2021 pandemic environment is showing trends toward evasive debtors trying to protect their wealth by moving assets fluidly around the world as creditors evaluate the value of assets and the ability to recover claims and debts.

Rick S. Rein Published in ABA - "How to Counter Fraud Through the use of Equity Receiverships"October 12, 2022

In this article, Rick S. Rein discusses how an equity receivership can be an effective tool to address financial fraud related to a business's mismanagement or improper use of assets.

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