Better Opportunity What you’re looking for
What we’re driven to deliver


Better Opportunity What you’re looking for What we’re driven to deliver
When you work with HMB, you work with attorneys at the top of their profession. Clients will look to you as their trusted advisor, often their first call for handling their most challenging business and legal needs.

HMB takes an active role in your development

This starts with hiring, training and growing attorneys devoted to delivering a better client experience. Our entrepreneurial culture promotes growth and opportunity to support you as you develop in your career, regardless of where you may be today.

What will your career look like at HMB?

At HMB, there are many different paths for success.  By working in teams to achieve the best results for our clients, you will be exposed to a variety of options and we will work with you to help you determine which direction is right for you. We expect our attorneys to be active thought leaders and devoted advocates for our clients’ interests. We look forward to helping you on your journey.

HMB is dedicated to the pursuit of its Core Values

We embrace diversity and encourage all employees to be a positive impact on their communities. We value candid communication and support the development of leaders in pursuit of our core values:

Client Service First

Deliver Excellence

Act with Integrity

Diverse People, Diverse Paths

Show and Earn Respect

Operate Efficiently and Effectively

If this sounds like you, please view our open positions and submit your resume to:

500 West Madison Suite 3700
Chicago IL 60661

Phone: 312-606-3200 Fax: 312-606-3232
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