Rick S. Rein Presents a Webinar with Strafford- “Enforcing U.S. Judgments Outside the U.S” – 9/2/20

A globe of the world


1:00PM-2:30PM ET

Join Rick, with a panel of experts, for this CLE webinar that will discuss how to locate and seize offshore assets with which to satisfy a US obligation or judgment. The panel will also address tools to prevent the removal of assets to other countries.

The panelists will address issues such as:

  • What countries are the hardest to obtain recognition in?
  • What factors in the U.S. legal system pose the most significant obstacles?
  • What treaties and protocols govern notice to parties?
  • What tools are available to identify and seize offshore assets?
  • What are misconceptions parties have about offshore recoveries?

Register for the event here. (Payment required to join the webinar.)

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