Alyssa J. Karpinski Presents, “Illinois Probate Process: In 7 Simple Steps” hosted by NBI – 12/30/22

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Alyssa J. Karpinski joins an esteemed panel to discuss the “Illinois Probate Process: In 7 Simple Steps” hosted by the National Business Institute (NBI).

This step-by-step practical instruction offers essential knowledge of probate processes and best practices for handling each unique case effectively. During the program, Alyssa will cover Step 4: Addressing Creditor Claims and Step 7: Resolving Disputes and Navigating Probate Litigation. Read more below to see what she will explore during each step.

Step 4: Addressing Creditor Claims

  • Issuing Notices to Creditors: What Works Best
  • Validating Claims
  • Determining the Priority of Creditor Rights
  • Selling Property to Satisfy Claims: What to Sell, How to Do it and How to Properly Record it
  • Satisfying Tax Claims and Liens

Step 7: Resolving Disputes and Navigating Probate Litigation

  • Will Contests, Deed Contests, Allegations of Undue Influence and Other Causes of Action
  • Obtaining Court Guidance for Proposed Actions Regarding the Estate Administration
  • Probate Litigation Rules, Procedures and Evidentiary Provisions
  • Fiduciary Misconduct, Liability, Disputes with Beneficiaries
  • Effective Approaches to Resolving Disputes Without Going to Court

Joining the panel with Alyssa is Paige N. Fox of Chuhak & Tecson, P.C., Ryan Holmes of Clark Hill PLC, Robert B. Kuenzel of Kuenzel Law, PLLC, Diana Larson of Funkhouser Vegosen Liebman & Dunn Ltd and Sandra D. Mertens of Gensburg, Calandriello & Kanter, P.C.

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