Aaron D Werner - a man in a business suit, smiling at the camera
Aaron L. Hammer
Chair | Bankruptcy Group

Aaron L. Hammer, Sean D. Auton and Matthew R. Barrett Present a Webinar “Contract Rights and Insurance Claims Under COVID-19” to the Young Presidents’ Organization – 4/8/2020

Aaron D Werner - a man in a business suit, smiling at the camera
Aaron L. Hammer
Chair | Bankruptcy Group
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12:00pm CST

Sean D. Auton, Aaron L. Hammer and Matthew R. Barrett will discuss COVID-19 and its impact on Contract Rights and Insurance Claims. This webinar for the Chicagoland Chapter of the Young Presidents' Organization will address questions such as:

Contract Rights under COVID-19

  • I can’t perform under my contract or leases - what remedies do I have?
  • What is a “force majeure” event and can it suspend or excuse performance?
  • How do I declare a force majeure?
  • If my contract has a force majeure provision, what remedy does that provide me or my counterparty?
  • Does any Illinois statute somehow relieve contractual performance?
  • Are any common law doctrines available that excuse contractual performance?
  • What if I or my customer want to modify the terms of payment?
  • How will federal legislation impact this analysis?

Insurance Claims under COVID-19

  • My business or part of my facilities have been shut down by government order - what insurance potentially can provide me coverage for my losses?
  • What “other” (i.e. non-business interruption) insurance policies do I have that may be triggered by COVID-19?
  • I am incurring extensive expenses from having my employees work from home – is there any way to recoup such expenses with an insurance claim?
  • Am I adequately protecting against any “remote” working losses or cyber incidents?
  • What must I do now to insure against potential employee claims once somebody gets sick with COVID-19?
  • My business’s insurance renewal is coming up – what new exclusions do I need to be aware of?
  • Should I start tracking expenses and potential damages from COVID-19?  If so, what should I do?
  • What other resources may provide relief for my losses?

Please reach out to Aaron L. Hammer and Sean D. Auton for more information or to request a copy of the webinar's recording.

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