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30 Things I’ve Learned After 30 Years as an Estate Planner05/29/2017

The ABA published this article in one of their journals and it expresses my views of what makes a satisfying client relationship, as well as a satisfying relationship with partners, referral sources, and the legal practice generally.

HMB’s John Wiktor is Published in Family Foundation Advisor’s Jan/Feb 2017 Issue02/01/2017

Family Foundation Advisor is a publication of the Civic Research Institute, offering guidance for effective foundation management, development and grant-making. Family Foundation Advisor is devoted exclusively to helping family foundation administrators and their professional advisors. In How to Connect With the Next Generation of Philanthropists, John discusses the changing landscape of philanthropy with respect to millennials joining the charitable planning…

IL Shipping and Handling Regs Part 130.410 and 130.415 Second Notice01/22/2016

SECOND NOTICE OF PROPOSED RULEMAKING 1)         Agency:  Illinois Department of Revenue 2)         Title and Ill. Adm. Code Citation of Proposed Rulemaking:  Retailers' Occupation Tax, 86 Ill. Adm. Code 130.410, 130.415 3)         Date, Issue, and page number of the Illinois Register in which the First Notice was published:  August 25, 2015, Issue 35, 39 Ill. Reg. 11865. 4)         Text and Location of any Changes Made…

Commercial Lending and Equity Deal Terms for Middle Market Businesses, Spring 201403/05/2014

Spring 2014 The winter months were unusually cool in late 2013 and early 2014, and most middle market borrowers and lenders will likely concede that lending activity during those months was equally cool.  The optimism for robust deal flow in 2013 never materialized into actual results, even though most middle market lenders remained quite optimistic until the bitter end.  Spring,…

Commercial Lending and Equity Deal Terms for Middle Market Businesses, Fall 201310/14/2013

FALL 2013 Although the first half of 2013 was marred by stagnant activity within the middle market lending environment, senior lenders across the middle market seem quite optimistic about finishing the year with a bang.  While it is difficult for senior lenders to pinpoint the exact cause for their optimism, the recurring talking point has been that these senior lenders…

Mortgage Foreclosure Alert – Alternative Means to Sell Property Under Illinois Mortgage Foreclosure Act03/28/2013

For many foreclosure sales, the typical sale process - selling the property at a court-ordered auction - is sufficient.  The result of most such sales is the bank "credit bidding" against its debt.  In certain cases, however, a traditional judicial auction may not be appropriate.  For example, the bank may not want to take title to the property or the…

Investment Banker Customary Fees06/14/2010

In our previous two articles we walked you through the reasons to hire an investment banker for the sale of your middle market business (i.e. transaction valued between $25 million and $250 million) as well as typical terms for how the relationship will work. Now your attention turns to fees. Our experience is that terms vary among investment banking firms…

Investment Banking Customary Terms04/14/2010

In the first of our three part series we walked you through the process of deciding whether to hire an investment banker for your middle market business (i.e. transaction valued between $25 million and $250 million). So now that you have decided to sell your business, we will discuss customary investment banking terms in this article and will wrap up…

In Support of the Investment Banker12/14/2009

So why do business owners want to hate investment bankers? Too often, it is based on cocktail party chatter. Have you ever heard, "the investment bankers added no value to the process? I already knew the buyer. We were competitors for years." Or, "the investment bankers wrote a nice book, but at the end of the day my lawyer and…

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