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  • The Illinois Franchise Tax

    The Illinois Franchise Tax is a weird tax. It is imposed on the privilege of exercising a franchise in Illinois or, in the case of foreign corporations, for the authority to transact business in the state. It is administered by the Illinois Secretary of State, not the Department of Revenue, and is measured by paid-in capital. Knowing the ins and outs of the Franchise Tax is a must for any corporation doing business in the state.
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  • Illinois Motor Fuel Taxes

    Like many states, Illinois and a number of Illinois localities impose motor fuel taxes. Although these taxes are each generally similar, they function slightly differently and are administered by different agencies. It is important not only for retailers of motor fuel, but any business that uses motor fuel in the operation of its business to understand the different layers of motor fuel taxes in Illinois.
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  • Application and Abatement of Penalties in Chicago and Cook County

    For taxpayers surprised to find their business caught in the crosshairs of a Chicago or Cook County audit, substantial penalties can also be an alarming challenge. In a prior post, I outlined penalties assessed by the Illinois Department of Revenue ("Department"), the basis for relief, and the process for seeking penalty abatement. Although the basis for relief is similar for Chicago and Cook County penalties, there are key differences in the procedure and requirements for seeking penalty abatement.
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