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  • Pre-Judgment Freeze of Assets in Australia Upheld

    A Singapore entity who had entered into a joint venture with an Indonesian entity brought suit in Singapore. The Indonesian entity owned shares in an Australian company. The Singapore entity made an ex parte application to the Supreme Court of Western Australia (“Supreme Court”) to freeze the shareholding interests. The court granted the application, but the Court of Appeal dismissed the freezing order. The High Court reversed.
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  • Freezing Orders in Jersey in Post-Judgment Proceedings

    In a recent unreported decision,ENRC NV v. Zamin Ferrous Limited(2015) JRC 217, the Jersey Royal Court demonstrated its consent to ensuring that judgment creditors can enforce their judgments worldwide.
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  • Discovery Obtained Under Section 1782 Is Not Precluded From Use In Subsequent Litigation In the U.S.

    The Eleventh Circuit recently addressed an issue of first impression as to whether discovery obtained under 28 U.S.C. Section 1782 could later be used in civil litigation in the United States. InGlock v. Glock, Inc, 797 F. 3d 1002, plaintiff filed a proceeding under 28 U.S.C. Section 1782 seeking to discover evidence for use in her Austrian divorce proceedings. About one and one half years later, she filed a separate RICO lawsuit in the U.S. Plaintiff returned to the Section 1782 court to seek authorization to allow her to disclose the documents she obtained in that litigation to her RICO attorney for potential use in the RICO action.
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