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  • New York Limits Access to Assets Held at Foreign Bank Branches

    A recent decision provides creditors a framework for determining when a court may exercise authority over assets located offshore or when a freeze of non-US assets can occur in New York...
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  • Potential Pitfall in Pre-Action Discovery Revealed in Texas

    PURPOSE: POTENTIAL LIMITATIONS TO PRE-SUIT DISCOVERY IN THE US Texas, like five other states, allows for pre-action discovery to discover the potential wrongdoers in an articulated claim. Rule 202 of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure authorizes a pre-suit deposition to investigate a potential claim. In In re John Doe a/k/a "Trooper", No. 13-0073 (2014), the Texas Supreme Court considered a situation where an anonymous blogger launched an on-line attack of a company that develops and markets software for use by auto dealerships and its CEO...
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  • New Limitations on Asset Restraints and Discovery Orders on Foreign Banks in NY

    In Daimler AG v. Bauman, 134 S. Ct. 746 (2014), the US Supreme Court in January 2014 held that a corporation is not subject to personal jurisdiction merely because it “engages in a substantial, continuous, and systematic course of business” in a forum. A corporation is subject to general jurisdiction only where it is considered “at home” and absent exceptional circumstances, a company is only “at home” where it is incorporated or has its principal place of business...
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