• State Tax Developments for Pass-Through Entities: Apportionment of Income for Corporate Partners

    State taxation of corporate partners in multistate partnerships raises interesting issues. In many circumstances, the corporate partner is subject to multistate taxation and is therefore engaged in the process of allocating and apportioning its income on a multistate basis. The difference between allocating and apportioning partnership income could have a material impact on a corporation's state blended rates utilized for provision purposes and could go as far as turning an otherwise non-cash paying taxpayer into one that pays cash taxes...
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  • Enforcement of US Judgments in England Are Not Difficult

    Despite the lack of reciprocal arrangements between the US and England, it is possible to enforce a US judgment in the English courts. The procedure to do so is quick and cost-effective. And, the reason to do so is primarily to recover assets to satisfy the judgment.
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  • February 2015 State Tax Credit and Incentive Update

    This is the second in a monthly series outlining updates in state tax credits and incentives, including legislative, gubernatorial and case law updates. While we recognize that tax credits and incentives are often criticized by some tax policy experts, they are a reality in today's competitive business environment with states competing with each other for jobs and investment. The good news for both corporate taxpayers and non-profit entities is that state tax credits and incentives are available and can benefit a business in many ways.
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