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  • Chicago Personal Property Lease Transaction Tax

    Although businesses entering a new jurisdiction are often primed to handle local sales and use taxes, even sophisticated taxpayers can be unprepared for the myriad of unfamiliar local taxes waiting to greet them when beginning to transact business in Chicago.
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  • Illinois Corporate Income Tax Basics- Base Income

    Now that we have provided a primer on procedural issues at Illinois, Chicago, and Cook County, it's time to jump into the fun stuff! Illinois has a relatively high corporate income tax rate compared to most states. While calculating Illinois base income is generally straightforward, certain aspects are rather complex, particularly with respect to foreign income and dividend income from certain types of investment companies.
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  • Navigating a Cook County Department of Revenue Audit and the Procedure for a Formal Protest

    A recent national trend in the practice field of state and local tax has been the uptick in local jurisdictions' audit activity. The Cook County Department of Revenue has taken aggressive positions in the interpretation of its tax ordinances which has led to increased litigation in the administrative proceedings before the Cook County Department of Administrative Hearings. This post provides an overview of the Department's audit and ensuing D.O.A.H. processes and will highlight some of the procedural differences compared to other jurisdictions such as Chicago and Illinois.
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