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Sara E. O'Reilly
Chief Executive Officer
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Sara O’Reilly Discusses Passion and Purpose with Innovation on the 20/20 Foresight Podcast

Grey Owl Productions 11/23/2021
Sara E. O'Reilly
Chief Executive Officer

Sara E. O’Reilly, HMB’s Chief Executive Officer was interviewed by Earl Ameen, host of the 20/20 Foresight Podcast, about leadership and innovation. Listen and watch the full episode here: “Women on Passion and Purpose with Innovation on Media and Law.”

To start their conversation (7:41), Sara shares that while many people see the role of CEO as a powerful position, she sees it as an empowering position (8:30). She values being able to empower people to drive their careers and she believes this creates a better team for HMB’s clients.

Earl and Sara also discuss the inherent challenge in leading a team—balancing the present while looking at the road ahead (9:30). Sara explains that there is a balance between the urgent, what’s happening today, and the important, the strategy that prepares you for what’s coming around the corner. She talks about how HMB approached this by bringing her in as a “non-lawyer” with a strategy consulting background to run the firm. Sara also explains how HMB values entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, people who run their practices strategically and people who run the business strategically. Having people with different backgrounds and skillsets helps maintain diversity of thought within the firm (11:00).

“What’s one piece of advice you’d like to share with other leaders?” (12:00).

“It’s a piece of advice my dad gave me…. to bet on yourself. Here’s why – there’s only two ways to bet in this world: either on yourself or against yourself. If you bet against yourself, you’ll always lose. If you bet on yourself, you’re not always going to win, but you give yourself the chance to win.”

To wrap up the podcast, Sara discusses how HMB celebrates victories, even the small ones (14:30). “We’re all busy and time-constrained,” Sara comments, “but we need to stop and pause to remember to celebrate…and I’m privileged that I get to shine a light on so many of the heroes we have here.”

Listen and watch the full episode here: “Women on Passion and Purpose with Innovation on Media and Law.”

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