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Sara E. O'Reilly
Chief Executive Officer
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Sara E. O’Reilly Shares Her Journey to CEO of HMB with Major, Lindsey & Africa

The Legal Navigator - Issue 10 01/12/2022
Sara E. O'Reilly
Chief Executive Officer

Read the full article written by Major, Lindsey & Africa’s The Legal Navigator here.

In the 10th Edition of The Legal Navigator, Sara E. O’Reilly discusses her career journey from starting out as a biology/pre-med major in undergrad to becoming CEO of HMB Legal Counsel.

Launching in 2018, Major, Lindsey & Africa’s digital magazine The Legal Navigator aims to bring global legal influencers, leaders, newcomers and all-around outstanding personalities to the forefront of the industry and to provide insights into those things by highlighting their experiences and knowledge. Other legal mavericks featured in this edition include: Peter Carter, CLO of Delta Air Lines, Joseph Reid, partner at Perkins Cole and bestselling author, and Michelle Oroschakoff, Managing Director and CLO of LPL Financial.

Starting as a biology/pre-med major in undergrad, Sara knew she “wanted to work in a very ‘human,’ interactive and impactful environment.”

“I thought combining business and biology was a good idea. I pursued my MBA and subsequently went into professional services—at that time, strategy consulting.”

After over a decade of working on complex mergers and acquisitions, Sara transitioned to a senior management role. This was a pivotal time in her career in which she learned how to grow and improve things internally.

Sara’s experience working in various international and multinational professional services firms in senior strategic and operational roles led her to HMB. She says, “HMB values both the analytical and the creative. They are innovative and are not content to follow or to take a wait-and-see approach; they are not daunted by doing things differently where there is a clear business case to do so.”

“The leadership who brought me in concluded that hiring a CEO whose full energy would be dedicated to implementing strategy and running the firm would enable our attorneys to focus on what they do best: providing value through outstanding legal services. And the recipe is working, both in terms of financial success and success for our clients.”

Sara is looking forward to 2022 with anticipation.

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