Marilyn Wethekam in Bloomberg BNA “States Uncertain on Conformity According to Bloomberg Tax’s 2018 Survey of State Tax Departments”

Bloomberg BNA 04/27/2018

Article by:  Chreasea Dickerson
Read the full article published by BNA Daily Tax Reports on 4/20/18 for its subscribers.

Bloomberg BNA sent a questionnaire related to conformity to certain provisions of federal tax reform to the top SALT officials in all 50 States, including D.C. and NYC, and what they found was many states are not yet sure how to navigate these changes.

While many states declined to provide answers to questions related to specific provisions, 21 states indicated that they were in the process of studying the impact that tax reform would have on their revenue. Marilyn A. Wethekam, a partner at Horwood Marcus & Berk, told Bloomberg Tax on March 27, 2018, that it was a "pleasant surprise" to see that so many states had already begun studying the impact of tax reform, noting that "it is a good sign that they were on top of it."

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