Marilyn Wethekam discusses “The Rise of Women In State Tax Administration” with State Tax Notes

State Tax Notes 08/15/2018

An article published by State Tax Notes discusses the rise of women in the state tax administration sector. It is a discussion of the significant role women have played in advancing the SALT practice both from a Tax Administrator and the private sector perspective.

Marilyn Wethekam, one of the first women to play a key role in SALT practice on the private side and the first woman chair of COST, is quoted throughout. "I think as the SALT practice area grew in corporate America, practitioners and consultants, as well as governments, recognized that women could play a large role not only in growing the area, but leading its growth."

The full article, "Women's Work: The Rise of Women In State Tax Administration," was written by Billy Hamilton and published by State Tax Notes on April 9, 2018 for its subscribers.

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