Marilyn A. Wethekam Presents, “The COVID Hangover” at the 28th Annual Hartman State and Local Tax Forum – 10/27/21 – 10/28/21


Marilyn A. Wethekam will discuss, “The COVID Hangover” at the Paul J. Hartman Memorial State and Local Tax (SALT) Forum in Nashville, Tennessee.

As we move into the “new normal,” the big questions are: what SALT issues were created by the pandemic and, more importantly, will those issues linger?

Marilyn will discuss the SALT landscape including:

  • The potential for new taxes
  • Revisions to existing tax schemes
  • Issues emerging as a result of federal pandemic relief
  • The challenges created for both taxpayers and tax administrators post TCJA and the CARES Act

Register for the event here.

Please reach out to Marilyn with questions or for a copy of the presentation.

Jordan M. Goodman is also presenting at the Hartman SALT Forum. Read more here.

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