Marilyn A. Wethekam Presents at COST’s 2023 Sales Tax Conference & Audit Session – 2/22/23


Marilyn A. Wethekam will be speaking at the 2023 Sales Tax Conference and Audit Session, hosted by the Council on State Taxation (COST). See below for more information on Marilyn’s presentation.

“Top Transactional Tax Legislation/Cases in 2022 And What to Expect in 2023”

2/22/23 | 8:15 – 9:45 AM | Denver, CO

Marilyn and her co-speakers will cover the most important transactional tax legislation and cases of 2022 and provide their predictions for 2023. Importantly, they will also proffer their input on how these issues could impact your business operations and offer suggestions to successfully resolve and/or mitigate them.

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