Jordan M. Goodman - a man in a suit, smiling at the camera
Jordan M. Goodman
Partner | Board of Directors

Jordan M. Goodman Presents Various Webinars for CPAmerica – 11/10-11/20

Jordan M. Goodman - a man in a suit, smiling at the camera
Jordan M. Goodman
Partner | Board of Directors
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Join Jordan M. Goodman at his various webinars for CPAmerica. The topics will range from State legislative agendas around the country, Wayfair and current SALT cases and issues.

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Update in the SALT World - Do We Need a Hug? - 1:05PM - 1:55PM CT

This presentation will cover the recent trends in state and local tax. We will highlight the decisions around the country that affects our clients. We will provide insights on the State's legislative agenda around the country. Finally, we will dissect how taxpayers get themselves in trouble and try to find a silver lining where possible. We will also explore how taxpayers are fighting back and dealing with aggressive state revenue collectors. The journey will involve a look at the latest in nexus, unitary filings, treatment of partnerships and LLCs, business purpose and economic substance, business income, apportionment issues and base and exemption issues for sale tax. We will also look at some more obscure areas in SALT like Qui Tax cases and Unclaimed Property. And of course, we will address any other topics that you wish to discuss.

After Wayfair, Are We All Just Subject to Tax Everywhere? - 1:55PM - 2:45PM CT

Are all businesses, subject to all taxes in all states after Wayfair? This presentation will review the various jurisdictional standards and what is left to protect businesses in 2020 and beyond. We will also discuss the practical aspects of how to help your clients. Request a copy of the presentation here.


1:00PM - 2:15PM CT

Join Jordan M. Goodman for an open forum webinar on current SALT issues.

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