Jordan M. Goodman Presents, “The State of the States” for the FICPA MEGA Conference – 6/9/21

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10:05AM - 10:55AM, 11:00AM - 11:50AM

This 2-part presentation presented by Jordan M. Goodman, will get the audience up to date on recent state and local tax cases and statutory changes that will affect their client's business.

  • Examine when a state can impose its taxing jurisdiction on an out-of-state business and what taxpayers can do to protect themselves;
  • Learn the latest in apportionment issues, paying particular attention to sourcing of sale other than tangible personal property, including cost of performance, market-based sourcing and alternative apportionment;
  • Examine the latest in retroactive law changes and how best businesses can avoid historical liability;
  • Explore the latest in qui tam and class actions that are becoming popular by non-tax enforcers;
  • Examine the latest in transaction taxes both from a nexus and sit using perspective;
  • Look at ways to comply with state law and hopefully avoid double taxation and;
  • Finally, the latest in audit developments and how best to prepare our clients for the more aggressive state audits.

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