Jordan M. Goodman Presents, “Tax & Business Implications of COVID-19” to the IPT Reconnect Conference – 7/28/21

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Austin, TX

Join Jordan M. Goodman for this session that will lay the groundwork for all that happened while you were socially distancing during the pandemic. It will examine the most relevant happenings in sales tax, property tax, income tax and credit/incentives disciplines that the SALT community has not been able to discuss in a public forum. IPT is going to raise your awareness of the most important topics in your field of interest so that you can leverage the deeper discussions during our in-person breakout sessions.

In this session, you will:

  1. Identify the key developments in income, sales and property taxes and learn how credit/incentives have been effected over the last 18 months.
  2. Comprehend how the pandemic impacted all the tax disciplines and the far-reaching effects of those changes.
  3. Embrace the policy changes caused by the pandemic and determine which breakout sessions to attend to learn more about those changes.
  4. Enjoy interacting with your peers in person!

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