Jordan M. Goodman Interviewed by Law360: “7 Things Tax Pros Are Grateful For This Thanksgiving Season”

Law360 (November 24, 2021) by Amy Lee Rosen 11/30/2021

Read “7 Things Tax Pros Are Grateful For This Thanksgiving Season” by Law360 here (subscription required).

Tax practitioners are grateful for many things this holiday season … Jordan M. Goodman shares with Law360 he’s grateful to meet in person again.

Jordan did not realize how much he missed the SALT community until it was back together, live and in-person, which was a development he had not anticipated this year but was truly grateful for. Over the past 20 months, many business adjustments had to be made and people grew accustomed to the “new normal” by accepting digital meetings as the link to the SALT world, said Jordan.

“However, as conferences started going live and in-person, I came to realize how important face-to-face interactions really are," he said. "It was as if we had lost our sense of smell but didn't realize it … but then, all of the sudden, our olfactory glands came back in a rush.” Jordan continued saying, “Conferences established protocols on whether actions like handshakes and hugs were acceptable. Others required proof of vaccination or a negative test for COVID-19.”

“These in-person conferences allowed me to have lunch with my favorite state folks, to share a libation with my clients and peers. To share a meal with all those involved in SALT was just fantastic," he said. "In-person gave us time to catch up, discuss how our family and friends were doing and discuss some of the latest developments whether personal or professional without the pressure of being on the clock or on a video call.”

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