Jordan Goodman presents “Post-Wayfair World – Now What?” and “Sea to Shining Sea – What is Happening in the SALT World” at CPAmerica – 11/11/19

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Austin, TX

In "Post-Wayfair World - Now What?", Jordan Goodman will discuss how remote sellers were affected by the USSC overruling of Quill in June 2018.  This presentation will try to clarify when a business is subject to any of a state's taxes.

In "Sea to Shining Sea - What is Happening in the SALT World", Jordan will highlight the GOOD things that happened for Taxpayers both judicially and legislatively and will inform attendees on the BAD issues that they and their clients should try to avoid. Finally, the presentation will dissect the UGLY traps for taxpayers and try to find a silver lining where possible.

Other topics such as issues in nexus, business and nonbusiness income and apportionment, current litigation on a national basis, unitary filings, treatment of partnerships and LLCs, business purpose and economic substance, business income, base and exemption issues for sales tax, Qui Tax cases and Unclaimed Property will be discussed.

If you would like a copy of the presentations, click here to contact Jordan.

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