Jordan Goodman Presents ‘Multi-State Tax Update’


This 2-part presentation will get the audience up to date on recent state and local tax cases and statutory changes that will affect their client's business. The discussion will cover such topics as when a state can impose its taxing jurisdiction on an out-of-state business and what taxpayers can do to protect themselves.

We will also cover the latest in apportionment issues, paying particular attention to sourcing of sale other than tangible personal property, including cost of performance, market-based sourcing and alternative apportionment. We will examine the latest in retroactive law changes and how best businesses can avoid historical liability.The discussion will include the latest in qui tam and class actions that are becoming popular by non-tax enforcers. We will also examine the latest in transaction taxes both from a nexus and situsing perspective.

The presentation will look at ways to comply with state law and hopefully avoid double taxation. Finally, the latest in audit developments and how best to prepare our clients for the more aggressive state audits.

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