Jordan Goodman presents “Multi-State Controversies: A Mixed Bag of Issues” at the National Multistate Tax Symposium – 1/31/20

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Jordan Goodman will explore "classic" ongoing multistate tax issues at the 2020 National Multistate Tax Symposium. Attendees will learn how their business may cope and prepare to defend state audits or assessments arising from this mixed bag of multistate tax issues. Topics covered in this session include:

  • Tax issues still being challenged by the states in audits or other administrative forums, including transactions between affiliates through IRC § 482-type state provisions
  • Discretionary adjustment powers in transfer pricing arrangements
  • States' use of outside contractors
  • Debt versus equity analysis in re-characterizing hybrid structure intercompany debt
  • Interpretations of statutory related-party expense disallowance provisions
  • Reporting federal audit adjustments at the state level
  • Recent state tax controversies and issues that may arise in our digital age in light of Wayfair
  • New federal partnership-level audit regime
  • Growing use of cryptocurrency

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