Jordan Goodman and Chris Lutz Present at the 2019 State and Local Tax Workshop for Technology Companies


2019 State and Local Tax Workshop for Technology Companies
Foster City, California

Beware of the Locals—They Might Take You by Surprise
With Jordan Goodman
San Francisco, Mountain View, Portland, Seattle—what are these cities thinking? Each has aggressively targeted businesses (and, in many situations, exclusively tech businesses) for new revenue. This panel will provide an overview of several of these new local taxes as well as some of the more established local taxes to beware of. They can sneak up on you if you don’t keep an eye on them and can be especially important if your company is planning an IPO anytime soon!

Technology – Constantly Evolving – Changing Everything
With Chris Lutz
The panelists in this session will discuss how platforms, marketplace, and different/evolving go-to-market strategies are changing how business operates both internally and with external clients.  They’ll also discuss how the “next big thing” (who knows what that is!) will “shift the sand” under technology companies as well as under any company that uses technology.

State and Local Tax Issues for Tech Start-Ups—Part 1
With Chris Lutz
All new businesses face the daunting task of identifying the countless possible tax obligations their new business potentially faces and how to comply with those obligations.  Technology companies face an even bigger challenge as their operations and goods/services often do not fit within the legislated descriptions of taxable operations or taxable goods. States and localities are doing their best to adapt to this situation but ever-changing technology means the states are often a step, or a mile, behind. The panelists in this session will provide an overview of all the different types of state and local taxes to lay the foundation that an emerging or pre-IPO company will need to determine where it has nexus and a potential filing obligation. The panel will also provide an overview of the credits and incentives that apply to start-ups, including the R&D and California Competes Tax Credit.

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