Jennifer F. Kuzminski Presents “A Guide to Life, Legacy and Divorce: Taking Control of Life’s Transitions” on MomLifeTV


‘Now what’? You may find yourself asking this very question in a variety of life’s transitions. Whether you are starting a family, ending a marriage or experiencing the loss of a loved one, life guarantees to challenge us with change.

Join Jennifer F. Kuzminski and Kathryn H. Mickelson, Beermann LLP, for a conversation about the commonalities and themes they’ve experienced in their years of practice. They’ll provide insights on family law, estate planning and legacy and will help you navigate and take control of life’s changes.

Please note: This panel presentation and material does not constitute as legal advice or engagement with either attorney on our panel for services.

Watch the webinar on MomLifeTV here.

Please reach out to Jennifer with any questions you may have.


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