Jeffrey A. Zaluda Presents a Webinar, “ESG: No Longer a Trend You Can Ignore” to the Northern Trust Institute Wealth Planning Symposium – 4/22/21

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6 credit hours for CLE, CPE and CFP offered.

The Northern Trust Institute’s inaugural Wealth Planning Symposium will examine key themes transforming wealth planning from leading industry thought leaders. This two-day virtual conference will provide unique perspectives and actionable insights on how to embrace this moment and advise clients with a more collaborative, data-driven and purposeful approach.

"ESG: No Longer a Trend You Can Ignore" will be presented by Jeffrey A. Zaluda, with Amy Szostak of Northern Trust and Susan Gary of University of Oregon.

The industry has been hearing about the rising demand for ESG investing for years, but addressing it with families can be cumbersome and complicated. This session will focus on how you execute, from assessing client interests, determining options to implement and navigating the fiduciary considerations of executing within a trust. This discussion will include an investor, professional advisors and Northern Trust’s fiduciary expertise for a practical perspective to ensure efficient and effective execution strategies.

Registration opens in March 2021.

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