HMB’s SALT Team Presents at 2018 ABA/IPT Advanced Tax Seminars



2:00-2:50 PM
The Insider's Guide to New Tax Dispute Resolution Forums
David Hughes

Many states recently revamped their tax dispute forum systems, often for the better. This panel will compare and contrast the systems of three states: Illinois, Georgia and the new California Office of Tax Appeals.

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11:00-11:50 AM
Funny Guys Discussing Hot Topics
Jordan Goodman

Tactical, legal, strategic, case law, nexus, Hellerstein, Multistate law review - who cares?! When we get Professor Pomp and Litigator Jordan Goodman together - one never knows what will come of the discussion - but it will always be interesting and fun! Join us as the foils play off one another discussing the latest and greatest income tax cases and litigation affecting our industry and see if Professor Pomp can get a word in edgewise?! This session will discuss all the many issues affecting the trends in income tax litigation and compliance and give you an opportunity to enjoy two of the great legal minds in the state tax area, not all tax people are introverts!

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1:45 - 2:45 PM
The Annual Big Easy Brawl
Jordan Goodman

Jordan Goodman and Professor Richard D. Pomp will have an in depth point counter-point discussion of trending SALT issues. It will be an outstanding session of insightful commentary on observations with two of the country's leaders in SALT.

By attending this session, participant will be able to: Identify major developments in today's state and local tax world and spot trends in the SALT area to anticipate potential problems and find potential solutions; Recognize positions that taxpayers and states are currently taking and issues affecting positions multi-state taxpayers may see in the future; Recall the most important recent SALT cases and better comprehend the basis and reasoning of the decisions; Analyze key decisions and legislative actions that have established new laws and determine the potential positive and negative effects of these new developments.

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9:30 - 10:30 AM
The Tax Collector's Toolbox: Liens, Levies, and Other Collection Options
David Hughes

As states continue to experience budget shortfalls, not only are states looking for ways to increase tax revenues, but the states are becoming more aggressive in their efforts to collect unpaid tax liabilities. This session will explore the numerous collection tools available to states to assist them in their tax collection efforts.

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