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HMB’s Response to COVID-19


The ongoing issues related to the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) have had and will continue to have significant impact on individuals, families, businesses and markets.  We know that many of you are affected and share our concerns regarding the safety and well-being of our friends and our staff and we hope you and your families are healthy and safe.

HMB has developed contingency plans to maintain operations and ensure that we can provide uninterrupted service to our clients in the rapid changing environment while also protecting the health of HMB personnel.  We will continue to review, update and adapt the plans as the situation progresses.  HMB also has an IT infrastructure that enables our lawyers and staff to continue to provide services in a secure environment from any location and has established plans and protocols to do so if access to facilities becomes limited.  These actions will enable HMB to continue to serve as a resource for its clients through this turbulent period.

HMB is also monitoring the legal implications of the various cancellations, shutdowns and limitations and is available to answer questions.

If you have any questions, please contact your lead HMB team member.

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