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HMB’s David S. Ruskin Quoted in BNA Notorious Whistleblower Article

Bloomberg BNA 01/30/2018

"Notorious Whistleblower Takes Custom Tailors to Court"

Excerpt From BNA Daily Tax Report: State, January 30, 2018

By: Michael J. Bologna

"An Illinois court has unsealed another 23 lawsuits filed by a veteran whistleblower who is targeting dozens of foreign and domestic bespoke tailors for alleged tax frauds under the Illinois False Claims Act...

David S. Ruskin, a partner in the Chicago office of Horwood Marcus & Berk Chartered and counsel to several of the defendants, said the 23 suits are a continuation of the pattern of litigation launched by Stephen B. Diamond in May 2017, when an initial 34 FCA actions were filed against domestic custom tailors and tailors in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. Diamond has said in court that he intends to file as many as 85 lawsuits against high-end custom tailors.

"These cases are more of the same," Ruskin said. "It's the cottage industry that Steve Diamond created for himself to put money in his pocket and it's going to continue until there is legislation or the judiciary puts a stop to it."

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