Jordan M. Goodman is Presenting at the Advanced State & Local Tax Institute – Georgetown Law CLE


10 Reasons Why You Should Attend

  1. Delve into how changes to the federal tax regime may affect state tax regimes
  2. Explore the impact of federal tax changes on business state tax planning
  3. Watch a lively debate on retroactivity between advocates before state tax court judges
  4. Hear perspectives from three state tax administrators on key issues their states are facing
  5. Network with peers in several social events
  6. Mentor newer SALT attorneys or be mentored as a newer SALT attorney
  7. Receive timely tips on managing your reserves and RARs
  8. Consider the role of data analytics in state and local tax
  9. Analyze key issues in income tax and sales and use tax
  10. Conclude the conference by engaging in a discussion of all topics SALT
  • Up to 10.75 CLE credit hours (based on a 60-minute credit hour), including 1 hour of ethics
  • Up to 12.9 CLE credit hours (based on a 50-minute credit hour), including 1.2 hours of ethics
  • Up to 12.5 CPE credit hours, including credit in Taxes, Accounting and Regulatory Ethics Field of Study
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