HMB Presents at the 2023 National Multistate Tax Symposium – 2/8 – 2/10/23


Join Jordan M. Goodman for the 2023 National Multistate Tax Symposium in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. See below for more information on their presentations. Register for the symposium here.

Ever-changing M&A Landscape: Practicalities of Post-Restructuring Integration

Jordan M. Goodman | 2/9/23 at 9:45 – 10:45 AM

Business mergers, acquisitions and restructurings (M&A) are widespread in today’s economy – generating potential challenges and opportunities from inception to valuation and all the way through post-close execution.

Jordan and his co-speakers will explore from a tax function’s point of view practical aspects of post-restructuring integration – both the highs and lows – including tax transformation and other opportunities to achieve tax efficiencies and address risks from the due diligence process. They will reflect on state indirect and income/franchise tax compliance and planning matters that often arise after an M&A life event, related credits and incentives considerations and how to foster a thriving multistate tax environment through it all.

Joining the panel with Jordan is Jacob Aguero of Deloitte Tax LLP, John Farris of Realpage, Alexis Morrison-Howe of Deloitte Tax LLP, Stave LaRosa of AstraZeneca and Jose de Poole of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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