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Sara E. O'Reilly
Chief Executive Officer
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HMB Legal Counsel Welcomes Sara E. O’Reilly as Chief Executive Officer

Sara E. O'Reilly
Chief Executive Officer
HMB Welcoms Sara O'Reilly as Chief Executive Officer

CHICAGO, January 5, 2021— HMB Legal Counsel (“HMB”) welcomes Sara E. O’Reilly as Chief Executive Officer of HMB. She is the first woman and first nonlawyer in this leadership role for the firm, succeeding Managing Partner, Jeffrey A. Hechtman.

HMB is proud of its 45-year history, entrepreneurial spirit and forward-thinking attorneys. The decision to adopt a CEO model, to be led by an exceptionally accomplished business professional, is a testament to HMB’s culture of embracing change and always looking to get better.

“The best time to challenge yourself to get better is when you are performing well,” said Jeff Hechtman, Managing Partner of HMB. “In our work with clients, we stress that leadership and management are not secondary activities. Working with the Executive Committee, now Board of Directors, we concluded that hiring a dedicated business leader whose full energy will be dedicated to implementing strategy and running HMB, will enable our attorneys to focus on what they do best-providing value through outstanding legal services to our clients.” Jeff will continue to serve as a leader on HMB’s Board of Directors.

With over two decades of domestic and international experience in multiple industries, Sara O’Reilly excels at the ideation and execution of innovative business strategy that delivers positive impact. Sara’s background is in management consulting where she has proven herself an accomplished and inspirational business leader. Previously, Sara served as the first COO in Alvarez & Marsal’s business consulting and transformation practice. She held successive roles at Deloitte Consulting U.K. and U.S., spending most of her time in client service working on complex mergers and acquisitions. While at Deloitte, she also helped lead National Inclusion for Consulting where she was responsible for talent strategy and execution in an organization of 20K+ employees. While at Alvarez & Marsal, Sara helped establish its first Diversity & Inclusion initiative.

“I’m honored and thrilled to serve as CEO at HMB,” said Sara. “The firm’s people- and client-centric culture and its marketplace success are the outcomes of exceptional efforts by the leadership at HMB. I look forward to working with the many high-performing professionals at HMB to continue to provide superlative legal services for clients and to facilitate an inclusive workplace for our attorneys and staff.”

Sara’s focus will be to develop and implement HMB’s strategic plan, enhance client relationships, promote diversity and inclusion and further develop the careers of HMB’s attorneys and staff.  All of this is in harmony with HMB’s Core Values: Client Service First, Deliver Excellence, Act with Integrity, Show and Earn Respect and Operate Efficiently and Effectively. “I deeply believe in the power of relationships and the importance of investing in people. Treat your clients and colleagues with indistinguishable respect and integrity and everyone will reap the benefits.”

Sara will work closely with HMB’s Board of Directors and Management Team, including the firm’s Chief Operating Officer, Kasia G. Johnson, who’s been with HMB for over 25 years, 10 as COO. “Sara has a proven record of taking a thriving business to the next level.  I’m excited for our team and our clients, who will benefit greatly from her creative perspective.”

Along with Jeffrey A. Hechtman, the new HMB Board of Directors includes Sean D. Auton, David A. Hughes, Christin A. Handa and Kate Kanabay. With the addition of Sara as CEO, the majority of the senior Management Team and Board of Director roles are held by women, a first at HMB. Keith H. Berk, a proponent of the new CEO structure, hired Kasia into the firm and instituted the COO role at HMB when he was Managing Partner of HMB. “I’m incredibly proud of the fact that there are many ways to be successful at HMB,” said Keith. “We collectively and continually work to make the firm better every day and this is reflected by the success of our people and our clients.”

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