David W. Machemer Presents a Webinar, “Audits and Controversy Resolution in the Time of COVID-19” for the NYU 35th Institute on State and Local Taxation – 12/2/20

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2:45PM - 3:55PM ET

David W. Machemer will present to the NYU 35th Institute on State and Local Taxation. Social distancing, staff reductions and the dearth of state call centers have made resolving tax audits and other controversies more challenging than ever. State revenue demands, restrictive corporate budgets and ever-changing tax regimes make SALT audit management increasingly complicated and challenging. This practical session led by multi-state audit veterans with substantial private sector and government experience explores practical procedural and substantive tips to get through to the right people and find creative solutions to audits, hearings and litigation. Whether the matter is resolved prior to assessment, after assessment or in litigation, this session explores strategies from both the company and practitioner perspectives as well as dynamics at state revenue agencies that must be understood.

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